Monday, January 30, 2012

Johor Bahru To Kualalumpur By Bus


Larkin is the central bus terminals of Johor bahru city which is around 5kms away from the city center.

From Malaysian Immigration To Larkin Bus Terminals :

Once you clear the immigration, now you have two choices to take buses to Larkin Bus Terminal (Which is the central Bus terminals for Johor Bahru city). Either you can take same bus service which would be available few meters after the Malaysian immigration clearance under the same roof of the immigration complex or can walk to the JB Sentral and can take a bus service to Larkin bus terminals. The buses outside JB Immigration/customs complex are marked with "LARKIN". The buses are available at JB Sentral ground floor or in front of JB City square shopping center which is walk-able distance from JB Sentral.

From Larkin Bus Terminals To Kualalumpur :

Once you reach Larkin bus terminals, there are wide range of bus operators operating their services to various destinations of malaysia. The services to Kualalumpur can be identified at the counter very easily or by asking the person. There are lot of agents standing near the alighting/arrival place of bus terminals and ask you for your next destinations. You can take your comfortable bus service from JB terminal to KL. The buses are frequent until half past midnight.

Please note, before you make payment to purchase ticket, check the bus service timing and seat conditions etc., You can also physically inspect the bus before getting the ticket. Also please note the destination of the terminal at arriving Kualalumpur side. Since Kualalumpur is having more than one bus terminals to reach, its better to confirm before boarding. Different operators arrive different terminals of KL. As normal case, all the buses from southern part of Malaysia (Johor bahru, Singapore etc.,) has to terminate at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), which is situated on the opposite to the Train station BANDAR TASIK SELATAN. Try to reach by KL Sentral as its convenient to refresh yourself at KL Sentral for toilet and other facilities.

Alternatively buses to Kualalumpur can be taken nearer from JB sentral itself. Some of the private bus operators still operating their luxury bus services opposite to JB train station called merlin towers. This place can be reached from immigration building within 5mins walk time. But the bus services are limited, especially during festival seasons.

KL Sentral is the heart of all train, LRT and monorail services. Different train lines are operated by different companies, so the ticket and ticketing system differs. Currently the Malaysian government is in the process of integrating the transport ticketing system as Singapore. The integration is partially done in Rapid KL (LRT and buses) & KLIA Express trains. The Touch N Go card tapping system is not widely available as the process of integration has not yet completed.

Note : KL Sentral and Puduraya (Pudu Sentral) are nearer to each other which can be reached by taxi with RM10 bargain (Driver may ask double during night time). Taxi meter charge may be less than RM10, thats why taxi drivers are hesitate to use the meter fare.

Travel Route :

Recommended starting point at Johor Bahru - Larkin Bus Terminals

Recommended ending points at Johor Bahru - KL Sentral, Puduraya(Pudu Sentral) & Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

Bus Fares (Approximately Maximum) :

Larkin to KL (All terminals) - RM 35.00/S$15 (Conversion S$1=RM2.35)

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For More Information :
Larkin Bus Teminal JB
TBS Bus Terminal KL


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  2. If its informative, i am more than happy!

  3. Are they still work for September 11th ?
    And are u have the suggestion how to get JB from LCCT Airport by train?

    1. I hope there is a new bus service limited with time schedule, running straight from JB to LCCT/KLIA. Please check the link below

  4. Thanks. Today I'm going from woodland to kl with your informations :)

  5. Thanks. Today I'm going from woodland to kl with your informations :)

  6. Thanks. Today I'm going from woodland to kl with your informations :)